collaborations and gigs section

I think you should separate it into paid and unpaid gigs, and have the paid ones assigned an expiry and policed for advertiser identity i.e they should have to pay & some sort of id check i just dont like the thought of anyone committing their time and effort into writing code and doing a build when promised money and not getting paid or vice versa. its the internet the scam will occur if it has the potential.

Think your point is valid however:
the last 4-5 years I am on the forum I never heard any complain about people being misled.

The complains I recall are:

  • people did not offer a decent pay for what they requested.
  • people did not want to tell about the project without NDA
  • people asking for projects that were not feasible in time or for an Arduino.

That said I think it is everyone personal responsibility to make good appointments if they go for a gig.
Best practice is imho (1) to meet live and (2) to have the payments in parts and deliver the code/schema in parts and (3) make a contract or so. Then you never can loose too much money.

(I've been there)

sure i see your point if nothing broke dont bother fixing. but as for indexing the list in terms of proximity to my location is there a function ive missed for filtering to the "AU only" for example or "Exclude canadian offers"

Sorry there is no such "proximity" function on the forum.
Even if you could take Australia only it is 99.9% chance it is not next door.

If if they say it is in Sydney or New York or Paris. These cities can still imply an hour drive or more.

If one of the moderators think there is a fraudulent post he will probably contact the others to have a second opinion and that may lead to action. We see spam on a daily basis and there are a lot of shades of grey between spam and a normal request. Moderators do sometimes discuss these "do you think this kitchen seller is spam or ?"