Collaborator required for re-working a HX-RFL6A controller for performance


I am looking for someone who might be interested and able in the next week or so to work on either re-working a controller for a sequencing unit controlling LEDs (apologies for the terminology- sadly technology is not my forte!) to make it suitable for ease of use by a circus performer.

The sequences are already set and I am seeking to either re-work the existing remote control to create a glove or cuff (I would take care of the making of the "garment’ ) that would allow the sequences to be controlled less obtrusively and conveniently with the mode and on/off buttons either concealed in the finger tips or another more easily accessed configuration which would entail a re-spacing of the buttons in relation to the circuitry and buttons into a unit that is also less clunky OR create a flat piece of circuitry that has the same function and sequencing with the unit already installed in the main costume.

I hope I have been able to explain somewhat! A small fee is available, and a picture of the supplied unit is attached.

Thank you for your time!



So, what you need are small switches connected with longer wires. It does sound like a simple job for a lot of people on this forum. I wouldn't mind helping you, but sending your equipment to the Netherlands and back probably is expensive and will take quite some time.
(P.S. where do you live ?)

You wouldn't specifically need someone with Arduino skills btw, someone with decent solder- and some electronics-skills will probably be able to help you.

If I were you, I'd check for local HAM/amateur-radio clubs. Chance that you'll find a HAM in your neighbourhood, willing/able to help you is quite high. Seeing the circus in action would be a nice/well paid fee.