Collecting analog data from multiple resistor-sensors


I am having some concerns about wiring sensors for some data collection I am doing using multiple photoresistors. Although I have seen many websites claim that it is "ok" to wire multiple photoresistors to analog inputs the way I have shown below, I suspected it would not give a "true read", and have confirmed this from observing the analogRead results in the serial monitor. Below is the circuit:

One leg of each resistor is attached to common 5v. The other leg is attached to common ground via a 1k resistor. In addition, the photoresistor leg opposite the 5v sides is attached to an analog pin on the arduino. There are two photoresistors attached to 2 different analog pins in this way, but they share a common ground.

My question is: will not the change in resistance of photoresistor 1 affect the entire circuit? In addition to changing the read from A1, it will also adjust A0 slightly because they are on the same circuit. Is there some alternate method by which I can wire them to avoid this problem?

I see no problem with the hardwire wiring, but when you read one analog input, and then another, that second read may see some residual values from the first read.
So, try reading analogue, then read again on the next line of code. Your results may smooth out to what you expect.

The wiring is correct. Since 5V and Gnd are fixed and not changing, each LDR may change independently and not affect the other circuit.

Besides from making a second reading, your 1K resistor may be a bit low. Depends of course on the resistance of the photo cell.
With the photo cells I use, I usually have a 10K resistor. May not make much difference, but then again, maybe.

Thanks for the advice everyone! I am doing and discarding a first read, which helps enormously. Maybe the variances I am seeing are just some kind of signal interference.

I think I now have the confidence to go forward with the project knowing that I am not doing something totally incorrectly. Thanks!