collecting data using phone

I want to get data from arduino to mobile phone as my test setup is moving and I want to analyse the data. and I dont want to use bluetooth module. Is it possile to do like this.


test setup is moving…and I dont want to use bluetooth module

Why not? The answer is yes anyway - internet or phone, both of which have what bluetooth hasn’t, which is range. If range is not the issue, bluetooth is hard to beat, being so cheap and convenient, and requires no software effort.
Since this is in the storage forum, yes, you can store the data on an SD card and pick it up later. Bluetooth is very good at that too. The DumpFile routine in the examples in the IDE is all you need.

okay How to save the recieved data to phone to text file or any other format so i can analyze it.

anoojgandham: How to save the recieved data to phone to text file

Almost any bluetooth terminal programme can log the same data stream you are already using - no changes. I can't imagine why you would use a WiFi terminal programme, but I'm sure the same applies - more or less. You may then transfer that log to Excel by whatever means.

or any other format

I can only assume you mean live graphs. I use Bluetooth Graphics Terminal. I believe BlueGraph is more capable, but I have used Graphics Terminal for years and it is fine for me. Needless to say, these terminals can log data as well.

If you can come at using a laptop instead, you might look at PLX, which receives your data straight into Excel. It is only a matter of ensuring your bluetooth COM port is covered by the macro. This is surely the answer to the maiden's prayer, but I find the phone more convenient.

we are building an e-cycle so we cant use laptop in the cycle so I wanted to get the data using phone which is easily portable.

anoojgandham: we are building an e-cycle

Well, there you go...... But I don't see that as a reason why you would not want to use bluetooth, quite the opposite. I imagine Bluetooth Graphics Terminal would be an ideal performance monitor on the road. It can handle three channels.

thank you we will use bluetooth module then. :)