Collecting/displaying data and controling controling arduino from computer.

Okay, so my friend and I are working on a project that is basically a device for determining the intensity of a light source in a bio lab.

We're using a TSL237 paired with an UNO to gather the data. Basically, all we're doing is converting the brightness to a pulse with the TSL237 and then counting the pulses over a certain period of time with the Arduino.

We've managed to get the basic function working on the arduino and are able to view the pulse count in the IDE serial monitor. Now we're trying to make a GUI that will:

  • Have a button to initiate the program
  • Display a readout of the pulse count
  • Include an entry filed to change the exposure time (how long to count the pulses)
  • And preferably save the collected data to a file on the computer

Does anybody have some ideas on how this could be accomplished?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Have a look at - - for that. It looks a bit like Arduino but runs on a PC/MAc and can read/write the serial port.

There are many projects on the site - -

and for serial port you have - Serial / Libraries / -

Should get you started...