College Project


I have a few questions concerning a glove project i am about to begin where i can play a full scale imaginary piano with these gloves just by tapping any surface.

  1. My first question is can this be done? Ive seen a lot of videos where hey have done this although they have been restricted to 10 notes (10 fingers). I want to be able to play exactly how i would play a piano with full finger stretches at any postion.

Could anyone please give me suggestions on:

  1. how to calibrate the gloves to a starting position.
  2. how i can move the gloves left and right and it be picked up by the arduino. (MEMs, Gyroscope, flex sensors, light sensors, infrared sensors, any ideas really)
  3. If i just drew a piano on an A3 piece of paper, could i somehow record the diameters of that drawing (Height x width) and map the glove positions in that area? or is that silly?

Any tips would be ideal really. Also any recommending similar projects to look at or things to read up on would be appreciated. Thank you!

An overhead video camera could be used to map finger positions fairly accurately, if there were LED markers on the gloves (e.g. on the knuckles).

In general, MEMS sensors can't be used to deduce positions. In the broader view, determining the 3D position of a freely moving object is a very, very difficult task.

could you please tell me ways of determining the 3D position of a freely moving object

preferably newer methods

Thank you

Video is your only option.