color change of curly braces

Is it possible to have the curly braces or parentheses be a different color like blue. as screens are getting smaller you can not tell the difference ( { it would be so helpful to a beginner.

Thanks CC

I don't believe you can, no. Even my system, UECIDE, has them both in red, although that system does give you the ability to select a new editor font from within the IDE, so seeing the difference between ( and { can be made easier.

Increase font size in preference. If you can't tell between ( and {, your font is too small.

Inside the directory where you installed the IDE, go to the lib\theme sub-directory and look for the file named theme.txt. Copy the file to themebackup.txt so you can return to the default style if you wish. Now load Notepad and open theme.txt and search for keyword1. I changed the following to: = #0000FF,bold = #FF0000,plain = #009900,bold

and then save the file as theme.txt. Now reload the IDE and the new colors will take affect. I think these changes are easier to read for me due to a limited form of color blindness. I could not find something that colors the braces, although perhaps there is some way to add that to the theme.txt file.