Color Issues with 3.6" TFT display and Mega2560

I purchased this display and it works perfectly with the Nano/Uno boards. The header pins plug directly into an Uno. (I built a proto board for the Nano.) Alas, I'm out of flash memory so I want to move the


display to a Mega2560. The code compiled and ran, but the colors are off. What I should see is green text on a pure black background. Instead, I see a gray-blue background and purple text. A menu option is normally highlighted with a white background and blue text. On the 2560, it is black background with yellow text.

The eBay ad:

provides the following information:

Resolution : 480x320 Controller : ili9488 Test code: ILI9327:

followed by a list of commands and data. The code does display the proper display strings, it's just the colors are outta whack. I am using the mcufriend_kbv library. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

See the pins labelled SCK, do, di, ss? Those are the SPI pins. On the Mega they come from 50, 51, 52, 53. (check the schematic for the correct order.). Add 4 jumpers on your Mega to those pins and you'll likely be ready to go.

Thanks Crossroads! It late, but I'll give it a try early AM. Thanks again!!

@CrossRoads: I connected the display to the SPI header along with the proper joy. I'm going to keep digging and see what I can learn.