Color Nokia LCD Shield

SparkFun came out with a low cost color 128x128 Color LCD a few months ago. It uses the spi port on arduino pins D13 and D11.
Anyway, here is the link:

Yes, we know. Are you just trying to get your post count up or something?


Well, at least I didn´t know, and forund this tip usefull.
I don´t know who “we” are, that are so well informed.
Perhaps we should try to keep this forum on a civilized level.

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Well if it was ‘new’ news then it might be ok.

I suppose that the people who are new to arduino might find it useful but there are many other sites listing arduino boards/shields etc so I do not think that this is appropriate for this forum. People may disagree though.


After looking at this shield I must say that the Color LCD shield ( from NKC Electronics is a much better deal.

It is the same size (128x128), has more colors and it is only half the price. It even has a ready-made Arduino library (made my me :wink: )

Just my 2cents.


You see, that’s the kind of news we need! News to save us money!


The initially mentioned LCD shield is (at the moment of this post) out of stock…
The later mentioned, cheaper, LCD shield… is only sold as a kit.

This topic is really twisted =P