Color Sensor

I just got a color sensor, and I would like to hook it up to test it out. I have the TCS3200. Mine looks like the image below, which is different from the TCS3200 that is on

I got a couple schematics with the sensor, but I’m really not sure what they are showing me, or how I’m supposed to start connecting this. There are two different schematics, both are pretty complicated for me.

I found a lot of YouTube videos on this sensor, but they only show it working, not how to hook it up.

Can someone help me with getting it hooked up?

I really want to learn how to read these schematics.

Have a look at,141827.0.html, as well as The first link has some discussion, and the second has what appears to be working code.

As for the hookup, this bit of code in the examples above shows what to connect:

int S0 = 8;//pinB     - connect S0 on sensor to pin 8 on Arduino
int S1 = 9;//pinA     - connect S1 on sensor to pin 9 on Arduino
int S2 = 12;//pinE     - connect S2 on sensor to pin 12 on Arduino
int S3 = 11;//pinF     - connect S3 on sensor to pin 11 on Arduino
int taosOutPin = 10;//pinC     - connect OUT on sensor to pin 10 on Arduino

Connect VSS and OE to GND on Arduino
Connect VDD to 5V on Arduino.

For a complete datasheet of the chip itself, see

Thanks. I'll look at this stuff tomorrow and see if it helps any.

I'll post back if I get stuck on something.