Color TFT display (ILI9163C) turns white and does not show any example

I´m just starting with Arduino standards.

I´ve got a Color TFT display (ILI9163C) and tried to test it with an Arduino mega 2560 board.
First, I loaded the libraries and into my PC, on ARDÜINO libraries and made the connections acording to:

Then I loaded the example "bigtest" but the display only stays all white all the time.
There is no error message, so I assume the program is loading ok to the arduino Mega board.

I am probably missing something of course, If anyone has experience with this display I would very much appreciate some suggestions,

One thousand thanks!!

Please post a link to your actual display. Make sure that all the photos on the link match the display that you have on your desk.

As a general rule, these displays do not like 5V logic. I am gobsmacked by the instructables video.

  1. add series resistors e.g. 1k0. To all the logic signals
  2. ensure that your wiring matches the constructor.

From memory, the Sumotoy library uses the hardware SPI. This is on the 3x2 ISP header or on the 18x2 header.