Colorduino power source- missing slide switch

I recently finished wiring and testing connections in a large 8x8 LED array (very similar to lincomatic's lampduino) and am ready to connect the power supply to my colorduino. I am planning to power it from the screw terminals, and there should be a slide switch to choose between the header and terminal supply for power. Unfortunately, I didn't notice until today that there is no switch where there should be. I emailed iTead about it but in the meantime I was hoping someone could help me out. I'm mostly curious if there's any way for me to use this without a switch (and to not risk damaging the board or my project.) I found a picture resembling what my colorduino looks like in the area missing the switch: thanks so much.

[this is a present for my brother (who is a software engineer and much more adept at this sort of thing than I am) and I'd love to be able to give it to him this weekend!]