Colorduino - which display and where to buy both?

I'm going to do some experiments with the Colorduino, starting with an off the shelf 8x8 led display.

As far as I can tell I have to buy the Colorduino here: who are the makers I believe.

But I'm a bit confused as to which display to buy. Do all 8x8 color led displays have the same pinout? And does anyone know where I can buy a colorduino compatible one?

Eventually I plan to use free standing leds, but I'd like to test with the 8x8 object first. I've read that the display is rock solid with no flicker even though it is multiplexed.


I think the 'colorduino' is designed to plug into the 60mm LED modules that iteadstudio also sells. They have one with round lenses and one with square lenses. They are currently on sale for $15 and $21, respectively.

Many thanks for the reply, you are right, here are the links for anyone else searchging:


I'm still a bit confused though. Sorry. I just need the colorduino (which I can program like an arduino) and the matrix of leds right? Two things. Or do I need a led driver shield to power the leds and which presumably would come between the colorduino and the leds.

From the photos I've seen I only need the colorduino and the led matrix display...

The Colorduino takes the place of the Arduino and the LED driver shield. You will need just the Colorduino, the 60mm LED RGB matrix, and a power source.

Many Thanks! Ordered! Can't wait to play!