Colors in IDE sketch not printing

I'm using Win7-64, IDE V1.6.5RC2, and Java 8-51. Since I've been programming Arduinos, several years, the colors seen in the IDE have always printed OK. Suddenly, yesterday, I get only black text on printouts. The only thing different was reducing the print scale size to fit on the page. Returning to the old values did not remove the problem. Color works fine in other programs including a screen capture of the IDE. I've reinstalled the IDE and updated Java from 8-45 to 8-51. The printer setup is "not" set to grayscale. A DuckDuck search finds nothing. Searching the IDE preference and theme files find nothing obvious. Does anyone have a clue as to what can cause this problem?

I have since reinstalled the printer drivers with no change. I have also looked at Java security for blocking but found nothing. Is there a way of determining whether the output to the printer contains the color information? That would allow me to find out if the problem is on the sending or receiving end of the sketch print operation.

preproc.color_datatype=true preproc.web_colors=true run.present.bgcolor=#666666 run.present.stop.color=#cccccc

These are the only things in the C:\Users*[u]username[/u]*\AppData\Roaming\Arduino15\preferences that I found that might be causing the problem. I dont know that much about the preferences file.

Hope this might help. If you are using Linux, I'm not sure of the path. I haven't had my Ubuntu box up in months.

Colours print fine in version 1.0.6 but NOT in later versions. I keep the old version on my Mac for printing and some other sketches that don't work in later versions. Can we please test new versions before releasing them? :smiling_imp:

Yes, actually you can. Download the nightly build often, troubleshoot, report errors, and contribute fixes in Github.

Did anyone get this figured out? Sounds like it started after 1.0.6 but we are now upto 1.8.3 And at this point I can't seem to get the colors to print.

A work-around would be to Edit->Select All, Edit->Copy as HTML, paste into an editor and save as an HTML file, open in a browser, and print from there. :(

It's really late answer but I had same problem and solved by copy pasting into Notepad ++

and once installed to print it out from there.