Colour LCD - Any standards ?

For the fixed character 2 line x 16 char or the 4 line x 20 char LCD or the 128 x 64 GLCD there are standards available and the exact brand of the module is not a concern ( mostly )

But when it comes to the colour LCD modules ( 2.4", 3.8" etc ) ( I am not even talking of the touch enabled ones ) I am unable to decide how many pins will be required to drive them and in most cases I also find some kind of thin transperent ribbon cable that is scary to touch as it looks rather flimsy.

Based on the Adafruit offerings one standard comes to mind ... the ILI9431. Is that a popular one or ??

I am sure there must be standards for the color LCDs too... just that i have not been able to grasp them propeorly.

Thanks for any help on this !!

Adafruit has a pretty wide range of displays. There are only a couple which share a standard controller chip. But the Adafruit GFX library works on all of them.

There are two standards, or interfaces, widely use for communication with TFT colour display. Parallel 8/16/18 bits and SPI. You need to read a product description, as TFT controller (ILI9341 etc) may support both modes, SPI and parallel, but shield makers could implement ether of this, depends on a market.