Colour LCD Screens and push button changes?

I am looking to build a robot puppet. The concept is similar to bender from Futurama.

I want the eyes to consist of two LCD screens (I haven't seen what is available), and a Single longer LCD for the mouth (if possible).

Happy with Blocky pixels, think 16-bit art.

The plan -

Eyes - Look left and right up and down, controlled by a joystick Blink (Automatically randomized) Random other visual animations when buttons pushed, ie Eyes turn into buldging love hearts

Mouth Speach wave displays as audio input is received Ability to change display to another animation on button press.

1 - Is it possible (I assume for the buttons i need a Hi / Low statement, but Can I Play animations (or a series of BMP files)?

2 - What hardware do I need?

Thank you for any guidance :)

HI, I cannot vouch for this project but the eyes are using LCD 128x64 OLED.

google lcd screen eyes robot arduino

A 16x2 LCD like this would probaby be good for a "Bender" type mouth. It can produce 2 x 16chars, blocks etc.. Not sure how big you want to go.

Tom... :)

Champ thank you :)