Colour Recognition Sensor

Hi, I am really new to ardruino but am very keen to learn.

I have a project where I need some kind of sensor that can recognize approximately 10 different colours triggering 10 different musical notes (1 for each colour eg. a red dot plays an 'A Minor').

Im not sure if its possible but preferably I would like to have just one sensor that could recognize multiple colours simultaneously. For example if a red dot and a green dot were placed next to each other it could read them both and play the musical dot for the red and the musical note for the green. I hope that makes sense.

My tutors are pretty useless with this sort of thing so would appreciate any help that anyone can give.

Many thanks in advance.

Best Aldo

My tutors are pretty useless

Well, let's hope they're not reading this!

Google, however, is not useless, and the search term "Arduino "colour sensor"" (or "color" if you must) returns lots of hits.

Take a look here: