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i hav a project for my science fair in which i m going to use an arduino and differentiate different objects through their colour.presently i will use only diiferentiate between white and red objects(opaque).is there any colour sensor or something else for such a thing.

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Colour sensor: Some more details about this sensor here: and here:

If you have just red and white, you can also work with transparent sheet to filter out the red component. That will give you a not-red signal. That's how that colour sensor and the sensors in digital cameras work.


you can try ADJD-S371. works OK. you can get it from sparkfun.

There's that led as receptor trick you can do too. A red led will create some current in the presence of red light. But will problably not work for opaque objects...

Should be possible with a cmos camera also... Can the atmel handle some pixel math? heh

There's that led as receptor trick you can do too

No you can't use that method it simply will not work, for detecting colour.

Should be possible with a cmos camera

No it is not possible to interface a cmos camera to an arduino to do this.

i did a few research on the net and i found this

here the red led will be placed near a photoresistor which will give high readings when the photoresistor is before an red object...... i don't know if it would work at about 4 inches from the red object??

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Look at this thread:-

it is talking about his board:-

i don't know if it would work at about 4 inches from the red object?

Probably not, that is quite a large range for any reflective colour sensor. Are you just after red or is it other colours you want as well.

is there anything else because i am a total newbie in arduino and i know little about i2c and other stuff. is there any other way for colour sensing? i clarified the problem statement and it said that there is only red object and the distance between the sensor and the object is max 3 inches.

i m looking for only red objects.

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Maybe you could use a small lens to focus the reflected red light onto the photosensor?

Perhaps mount the sensor at the back of a small opaque tube, then use a small magnifying lens (perhaps a lens taken from the viewfinder of a cheap broken film camera).

Find the rough focal length of the lens by measuring the distance between the lens and a white piece of paper, while focusing the image of a candle or something on the paper (to keep the sensor within a reasonable size, you'd want a focal length under 4 cm).

Mount the lens the same distance from the photosensor; you might want to play with this after your rough measurement to get an optimum distance for best sensitivity.

If your photosensor has a wide enough bandwidth to cover the entire visible spectrum, you could make a multi-color sensor by mounting an RGB color wheel in front of or behind the lens, to filter out just that color, then have a motor or a servo rotate the filter to the color as needed. After calibration with some standard color swatches, you could possible detect a wide range of RGB values with this method. However, it wouldn't be cheaper than commercial sensor offerings, nor would it work better or faster, but you would gain a good understanding of how such sensors work internally...


this one's is a much better option and i would surely try it out. thnx a lot crosh for the idea.

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Hi Gaurav,

Sparkfun's color sensor evaluation boards are a good option !

Tenet Technetronics in India sells a readymade solution to use this color sensor and provide them on the serial port !

Please drop in an inquiry to check out the options !