com 3 Port Issues

Dear community,
I know there are already posts about these topics, but none of them helped.

The problem is, I want to upload code to my Arduino 101 and most of the time that works, but sometimes it fails and says that com 3 port is not available. Sometimes it also says flashing takes longer than expected. I also tried to reset my Arduino but that did not help.

But what is far more annoying is that almost all the times I want to start the serial monitor it says that starting the serial monitor over com 3 port does not work. I tried it with 3 different cables now, and I am sure that all of them are data cables because I am able to upload code. What could be the problem?

Thanks for your help.

Hi simmering123

Had your question moved to the correct section which is 101 specific.

Have noticed the 101 does have a few minor issues with COM ports.

There doesnt seem to be a single definetive answer as lots of things can come into play including OS, IDE version, etc.

It is mentioned in this section is you care to check a few of the posts.
I found mine a little better after doing the firmware upgrade and ensuring my boards were also up to date in Board Manager.

You might gain different milage by those steps.

Ok, thanks for your help,
I'm going to check a few posts and look for firmware updates.

Being new, I had a similar problem, and I figured out each USB port on the computer is a different COM port. So every time you hook up the board, ensure that you have the correct COM port selected.

navigate Tools->Ports: then choose then that is actually hooked up to the board.

@ firelord101

Not strictly true...I have a UNO that I can plug into almost any USB port but still comes up as COM 3.

Clones can swap though as the PID and VID can be the factor.