Com access is denied


I just started coding, and am having trouble uploading sketches to my arduino. Whenever I try to upload the sketch I get an error message "avrdude: ser_open(): can't open device "\.\COM1": Access is denied." I have tried using different port but all of the ports I have tried get the same error message. I have allowed the arduino software to have access through my firewall but that did not help. Has anyone else had this same issue?


Access Denied on a port means something else is using it.

You're running 1.6.8 on windows, this version has a serious bug with serial port handling that can result in that error. I recommend 1.6.5r5, since 1.6.6 and 1.6.7 have some compiler bugs.
You've selected a port that is in use by another application. There exist badly behaved applications (typically meant to interface with modems or other serial devices) that assume that any serial device connected is the type of serial device that the program is meant to work with, and starts trying to communicate with it as such.
You have not correctly installed drivers, and the COM ports you're selecting are unrelated to Arduino. To find the right port to use, disconnect the arduino, load the ide, and look at tools -> ports. Plug in the Arduino, and look again. The new port is the one to use. Most Arduino clones use the CH340G serial chip, which requires different drivers - look at the chip near the USB port to see which serial interface your board uses, and if it's a ch340G, you need to download the drivers (google will have em).