COM and Blitz3D

Good afternoon! I tried to let Arduino and the easy game programmign language Blitz3D ( communicate. Everything works fine, but after one minute, the arduino just doesn't react anymore on the incoming Serial-Bytes. The RX-LED on the arduino is blinking, but the action I want to let it perform if Serial.available() is higher 0 doesn't get executed. So I used the search function in the german BlitzBasic forums ( and found this: Here someone uses the WriteFile-Method (I used the library, linked in the last post), but it seems like the topic starter has the same problem, and he's using a Serial emulating USB-Device too. So he used Portmon to see what his program and hyperterm are sending, and as you can see in this post: hyperterm is sending far more than he does.

Does anyone have a solution for this?

Thanks, and happy 2010!

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