Com Port not detected - Windows XP


I have an Arduino Uno board, the first version, and I was developing and testing my own project well until yesterday.

Now, my computer is unable to detected the USB connection and I can't understand why.

When the cable is connected to the PC, the power Blue LED is ON.

I tried to connect the cable to different USB plugs on my computer and the result was allways the same.

There is anything I can do to fix this problem?

Thank you.

Finally I was able to get com port functional... at least for now :slight_smile:

My work-around was based in these 2 links:

What I have done:

1 - Download and install FLIP program at: Smart | Connected | Secure | Microchip Technology (Mine was FLIP 3.4.5 for Windows (requires Java Runtime Environment))

2 - Download firmware for the ATmega8U2 device at: (Mine was Arduino Uno so I get Arduino-usbserial-uno.hex file from arduino-usbserial folder)

3 - Since my Arduino is Uno I soldered a 10K resistor in the PCB backs just below Italy image.

4 - Connect Arduino to PCB with an USB cable.

5 - Reset Atmega8U2 (ICSP1 – just above Atmega8U2) – Short-circuit for a few seconds the two pins closest to the USB plug (in the first column of the ICSP 1 ) and release in the end.

6 - An installation driver box opens. Install the DFU driver located at C:\Program Files\Atmel\Flip 3.4.5\usb.

7 – Disconnect the Arduino device from the PC and repeat step 4 and 5

8 - Run Flip program.

9 – Select a Communcation Medium-->USB-->Open. Green TX LED and Red RX LED should stay on.

10 – Select Target Device: AT90USB82

11 - Load hex file

12 – Program Target Device Memory