Com port problem

At one time the device manager recognized the arduino on port 4, but know it shows as an "unknown device". One time when I plugged in the arduino the message stating a device driver had been successfully installed. I didn't ask for this because when the arduino was connected to the computer, no message of this kind appeared. I have disabled the unkown device but as soon as the arduino is plugged in the unknown device appears in the device manager. Anyone know how to fix this problem? Thanks, Guy

Clear the disable and see if that helps. Windows shouldn't install device drivers for these boards unless you've written system drivers for them, and I'm not sure anyone has taken the time to do so. Are you running this through a hub, or through frontpanel connectors, or backpanel? It makes a difference on some systems and there are too many motherboard variants to analyze a comm port problem casually. Also try moving the USB cable to a different port, checking the environment and path.

Thank you for your reply. I have tried both front panel and rear panel USB connections with no difference in results. If I were to reinstall a new arduino driver, do I have to specify a certain one or will the update driver function in device manager select the proper one? Of all the drivers listed in the drivers subfolder I am uncertain which one to use. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.


I took a look at mine. I've got win10(64). It's installed an arduino driver too. I'd try uninstalling what you have rather than disabling it. If I remember the instructions correctly, the software install for the IDE will go ahead and install the low level drivers but if you've experienced problems (and I've heard that the uninstall isn't clean), then telling windows that you want to update or reinstall these drivers should fix it. Point the wizard at the drivers folder and it ought to take care of the rest. You shouldn't have to decide.

I had the same problem and searched for the solution but unfortunately there was no solution which corrected the issue. After a lot of tries the solution is here: This problem is mainly because that you installed from the zip archive, so you need to download the setup from arduino download and install with admin rights this will install the driver at the end and will solve the problem. I hope this will help others too. If you don want to download setup then follow this Go to the installation folder and in that drivers In drivers folder you will find dpinst-amd64.exe and dpinst-x86.exe files For x64 use the amd64 file and for x86(32 bit OS) use x86 file Run either of files with Administrator account (Run as Administrator) Let it install the drivers and you will find your board in comm ports

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The drivers are in the non-install download as well. But the install version runs a driver installer after the Arduino IDE installer. But which version you have, you can just go update driver and point to the driver folder in the IDE folder.

Mind you, this only works for the original Arduino. Drivers for the clones are not in there! You have to download them separately.