COM port problem


I A cracked the seal on the Arduino UNO box about a week ago, it had been collecting dust for a couple of months. Anyway, I wet through the installation process and all was good. This AM when I started up the Arduino IDE I could not upload to the UNO anymore, went through the device manager and found it was still on COM port 4, then under tools in the IDE the only COM port that showed was COM port 1 and it was checked as active. I checked to see if the correct board was still selected in the IDE and it was. I have never had this happen before Nd I have been using the previous version of Arduino for the last 6 months.

The setup is on a Windows XP with the last Service Pack

What steps did I try to solve the problem:

  • I switched USB cables, I did not think that would help but tried anyway
  • Did a hardware reset by pressing the reset button on the UNO
  • Reinstalled the IDE 0022, I had the UNO working correctly last night on 0022
  • Read the before you post here messages and could not find a fix
  • Cycled power on the computer UNO is attached to
  • Posted this message hoping someone can point out that I did a stupid thing that is an easy fix

Chime in if you have a suggestion or solution!