Com port woes continue


I have an older laptop, now running Win7. But its 8 years old and its beginning to show in various ways. Anyway, I have problems communicating with UNO all the time. Right now, in the IDE, there is no selections available under the Serial Port menu item. I only know basic things to do such as restart the IDE, disconnect /reconnect the usb cable, disable / re enable the port, uninstall / reinstall the driver, select a different com port number on the device manager properties window, and restart the computer. That's pretty much it. Right now I've done all of these, and I still have the problem. Would apreciate any other things I can do to troubleshoot this, I'm not a programmer or a Windows expert.


In the device manager, is there a (yellow) ! sign next to the Arduino?

No. Do you know of any reference info that explains how windows com ports work?