com port

Hi guys

I have two identical arduino boards - both are Diecimila boards. One of them shows up as com port 4 in the tools menu and works a treat.

However, when I unplug it and plug the second board in the second one doesn't show up in tools at all. From Settings->Control Panel->System->Hardware->DeviceManager I can see the board showing up as COM3.

I have a Mac and both boards work fine with that but I need them to both work with the Windows box. Any suggestions?

thanks Gareth

On the Windows machine, if you edit your Arduino preferences file and set the serial.port to COM3, then run Arduino, can you upload to the other board? Can you try reassigning the other board to another com port?

Hi Mellis

Amending the preferences file did the trick.

Many thanks Gareth

Once my new decimilia arrives i can try these things. In the meanwhile i'm belly up coz I fried my mini-sub (usb).

i'm trying to remain optimistic since the lilypad may one day be the 8088 of electronic clothes...