COM3 Not found

I accidentally touched the reset pin while setting up my motor. I tried to reflash the arduino but the ide and windows just recognize com1. How do I fix this? I am using a Arduino UNO R3. Trying to change the driver does not help since it is the same (ATmega 16U2). Is there any way to force the COM3 port or to change the original R3 port to COM1? Thanks

The 16U2 versions of UNO’s are exceptionally prone to that chip failing when abused in any way.

There may be a good chance you blew it.
Alternative to throwing it away is an ICSP programmer to see if there is still life left in the board.
These little bits of hardware are a must for budding Arduino people and come inm cheaper than almost all the boards themselves.

I am still in the returning time

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I am still in the returning time

Hmm, my interpretation is that you break something and let the supplier pay for it. Do you consider that fair?