combination outdoor area lighting & flood lights w/LED strips

I've been pondering making custom flood lights for our home's back yard and driveway. Our backyard opens to a large common ground area, as well as a wooded area. I am figuring we'll have the occasional need to see what is going on out there at night. I was considering making my own pan/tilt motorized flood lights (using off the shelf video surveillance hardware or working with motorized marine type floodlights), but I have since switched to something that should be less less things to go wrong and will be more user friendly.

Here is a diagram of the concept. This is a side view. four or more rows of addressable LED strips on an angled or quarter round channel (hollow, for power injection wiring). For ambiance night lighting, only row 1 would be on. to light up an area, for example for a gathering on the patio below, light up rows 1-2 or 3, at a desired intensity. For flood-light mode, light them all up to the max. I guess this might be a good job for maybe two rows of quad strips.

I have yet to use LED strips, but as I learn more about them, I'm seeing more applications for them. I could see benefits in the ability to fine tune them in programming to focus on one spot or ease up on another (e.g. lights shining into a neighbors yard/windows).

Nice project and smart setup!
Not sure if you were asking for input, but BJT or MOSFET transistors are typically what is used to drive loads of higher power than the arduino pins can handle.

Nice project and smart setup!
Not sure if you were asking for input,

Thanks! I am definitely looking for input. On the surface, it seems pretty do-able. I do think the strips will need to be outdoor and waterproof, as I am probably not going to find an off the shelf channel like that, with diffuser, etc. It will have over head cover but it's still going to get wet.

I do still need to decide on hardware to drive these. I intend to have some strips under the cabinets in the kitchen, and some other low-voltage LED lighting in the house. I'd like to standardize on something.