Combine Xbee S2 radios for longer distance transmission

I have a project question I'm hoping someone can help here:

I want to transmit and receive simple serial data through Xbee (Zigbee) S2 radios but as you might know they can only have a range up to 400ft (120m) in open air and with line-of-sight. Would it be possible to add more Xbee modules in between in order to extend the transmission distance. I was thinking having 1 coordinator AT mode and 4 Router AT mode radios configured with nodes (node identifier) 1,2,3,&4. Would this work? or would I need to have an Xbee configured as a End Device, and how would you configure the rest?

Would this work?

Yes. That is the function that routers are deigned for.

would I need to have an Xbee configured as a End Device

If the packet is addressed to a device that is configured to be a router, it deals with it instead of resending it. So, no, you don’t need to designate the device that is to actually deal with the message to be an end device.

how would you configure the rest?

As routers, obviously. With the exception of the coordinator, of course.

Some XBees have greater than 400ft range.

Awesome thank you so much; I will try this right now.