Combining Arduino and Raspberry Pi

I guess the question has been answered often in the past, but honestly I could not find the right solution for my project.
My project is that I will use an Arduino with the EasyVr shield for voice recognition and I want to also connect a Raspberry Pi(3), so I could say "How is the weather going to be" and then the Arduino should send a signal to the Raspberry Pi, which is connected to a screen. The Raspberry Pi should then open a Webbrowser and open a page showing the weather. This is just one of the commands I want it to understand. My question now is how I connect the Arduino to the Raspberry Pi(Usb or GPIO-pins ??) and how I would code the Raspberry Pi to perform the action.
It would be nice if you could answer the question or/and also give me a link to a coding website that shows the coding for such project.
Thank you.

807 k hits. I suspect you will be far better served by removing the Arduino and its shield from your project.

EasyVr has AFAIK up to 32 word/short sentence recognition and up to 21minutes of talkback.
Coding examples on the supporting website.
I found the name EasyVR misleading. Took me a long time to work out the capabilities.
Module could maybe be connected to a WiFi enabled Arduino.