Combining Circuits

Hey guys,
I want to build a color organ that only changes color when it hears the bass from a song. I found an example on that had a color organ with low, mid and high-frequency( Easy LED Color Organ that Blinks 3 Colors | Make:) so I just cut out the high and mid filters to get the schematic I wanted. I then found a schematic for bass boost ( with an amplifier and finally a digital potentiometer( My plan was to have the audio go into the bass amplifier via audio jack then pass through the digital potentiometer to control the LED sensitivity to the music and finally through the color organ. I have attached the each of the schematics to this post and the final combined circuit. I wanted to verify that this configuration would work, as I have not done this before and do not know if I need additional components to stabilize the transition between one circuit to the next. The Arduino will just be used to power a separate LED strip (if I wanted to add to the project later) and to change the values of the digital pot. Would this combination work or am I missing something?





It may work. For a more specific answer several informations are missing. In detail I don't understand the purpose of the 1000(?)µF cap to Vcc(?) of some obscure IC.

Provided that the Arduino pin voltage are safe (0-Vcc) I don't expect magic smoke. Find out yourself and report what the combined circuit does or does not.

Circuit 2 looks like a normal op-amp driving a speaker, that is not going to work. You need part numbers on that IC to be sure.

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The chip is a digital pot MCP4100 and the cap would block power. It won’t work.

A MSGEQ7 is the perfect all-in-one chip to make a colour organ.

Thank you for all the replies!
I tried the circuit out but it did not work as intended. I think I will go with the MSGEQ7 chip to make the color organ. One issue that confused me was when I hooked my circuits up with the USB port, the code would somewhat work but as soon as a used an external power source(tried 12v, 9v, and 10v), the circuit would basically ignore any logic I had written. As I will be going forward with the MSGEQ7 method, is there a difference between the voltage coming from my computer and the voltage out of a power supply? Or is this a current issue?
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as soon as a used an external power source(tried 12v, 9v, and 10v), the circuit would basically ignore any logic I had written.

That sounds like you had not got a common ground.

what are BBS tags??

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