Combining my RF kit code and accelerometer code HELP!!!


As a programmer noob I took on the task of writing the code for our arduino as I was the only one with a little bit of experience in my group. I soon found out that it was much more difficult than I had hoped, so I ask for your help.

We are developing a bracelet which has to measure movement from the bracelet (with an accelerometer) and then the arduino sends a signal through the rf kit to the other arduino to activate or mute a light. This device is for people with sleeping problems.

I already found a code for transmitting and receiving signals for the RF kit. And I also found a code which gives the X,Y and Z values from the accelerometer. Now my big question is, how do I combine these code to a normal working code, because of my little knowledge of Arduino programming I’m not able to do this within the time limit I have.

Accelerometer: InvenSense MPU-6050
RF kit: Grove 433MHz Simple RF link kit (model SS-113060000)

ask_transmitter.ino (1.05 KB)

ask_receiver.ino (1.16 KB)

Accelerometer.ino (1.51 KB)

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