Combining Sketches

Thank you for your time. I have 2 sketches that work as intended independently, but when combined it only partially works. My project is attempting to use Luc Small’s code to intercept the 433 Mhz signal from the wireless WH2 weather sensor and post its data to a simple web page. The first sketch works well and prints the data from the wireless temp sensors to the serial monitor in the Arduino IDE 1.8.0. The second sketch takes the reading from a DHT11 temp sensor and posts the data to a simple web page through the Arduino Ethernet Shield attached to an UNO that I have successfully accessed from the WAN. But when I combine the two in order to post the wireless sensor data to a web page, the data is only being sent to the serial monitor, and no ethernet connection is made. All of the hardware has been checked and is working properly. I have been reading, studying the code, and working on this for quite some time. Today is the first time the combined sketch actually compiled. I am every bit a novice, but learning more every time I tinker. I hope I am following the correct procedure for asking for help. That is my intention. I am attaching the combined sketch with the hope that someone can guide me in the right direction. The sketch needs some cleaning up and improving I realize, but first I want to get it working. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

wh2combined sketch.txt (12 KB)

Combining sketches can be a little difficult. Here's a page with a suggested approach to this:

Let us know how it goes...

Thank you Terry! That is one of the resources I used to help me get this sketch to the point where it would at least compile. I am learning, but still have a long way to go.

Sorry, not near a computer today for a while...