Combining the data-logger shield, and the x-bee shield


I want to log some data that is transmitted from a remote location, so i plan to combine the data-logger shield and the xbee communication shield, on a Arduino-Uno/Mega. Is this feasible?

The data-logger shield seems to use pins reset,3V,5V,gnd1,gnd2,vin,gnd,d10/11/12/13. I can't seem to find this info for the xbee-shield. I am thinking of stacking them up (bottom to top), as uno or mega/xbee/logger.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be helpful

Thanks Sam

That Sparkfun product is no longer for sale, but you could just use an XBEE breakout board and a breadboard. I think pin wise you will be ok.
I would look at power and how much each one consumes.

I have 2 of the sparkfun boards for xbee. I am unclear about which pins are used by the xbee shield to communicate with the Arduino? I would like to know this as i want to use the spare pins for some more analog/digital sensors.

How do i calculate the power consumption and see if it is ok to operate 2 shields on the Arduino?

Thanks Sam

I am currently testing an XBEE and it only uses 3.3V, GND, TX & RX.

I'm no power expert but, The Arduino can handle: DC Current per I/O Pin 40 mA DC Current for 3.3V Pin 50 mA

Look for power consumed when transmitting on the XBEE. It should be on the datasheet somewhere. The Data logging shield has it's own power.

There is a small power supply on the board for generating 3.3V @ 250mA. We don't use the 'built in' 3.3v regulator on the Arduino because its only guaranteed up to 50mA and some SD card need a lot of power when writing.

Since the data logger has it's own power I would say you are ok. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

Thanks Pauly

The Datalogging shield seems to have it's own power for the Realtime clock. The datasheet( seems to indicate that it uses 3.3V and 5V pins on the Arduino. For the Xbee shield, i can't seem to find any power consumption info.

Also how do i know there are no pin conflicts between the Xbee shield and the Datalogging shield. The Datalogger seems to use pins 4 and 5(Of the Arduino) for i2c communication.

The Xbee-shield datasheet ('t seem to have any such information

Thanks Sam