Combining Two Load Sensors

Hi everyone,

I can't seem to find the answer to this. Instead of combining 4 single strain load sensors I want to combine 2 load sensors that already contain a wheatstone bridge. Currently I'm using spark funs HX711 with a single load sensor. Is there a way to add another without another HX711?

The chip has two channels. The sparkfun board brings out the second pair of inputs if you look carefully. As for software, haven't looked to see how easy.

I'm not 100% sure what you mean by that. So you would have to switch between channels? I only see on pair of inputs. Also would you just add their values together?

The second inputs would be B+ and B-. The second load cell would also share the E+ E- wires with the first.

Google load cells in parallel. This result seems to be pertinent.

Instead of doing that, if you go the route of connecting load cell 1 to HX711 channel A, and load cell 2 to HX711 channel B, reading both HX711 channels, and then summing the weights (is that what you want to do?), note that channel B has a fixed gain of only 32 (vs 128 or 64 for channel A). Only you will know whether a gain of 32 on channel B will be sufficient for your needs.