combining video and data signal

Hello people, I want to combine data and video signal on a single wire. What are the ways to accomplish this? The line would combine rx, tx, and a 12V cctv camera. Is a simple mux/demux able to do this? Thanks.

What I meant for the "single wire" is a single conductor. This would be implemented over a single twisted pair(one for video and data, another for ground).

You could put the data in blanking, a bit like teletext, but it isn't all that simple to mux/demux without a reasonable knowledge of video standards and probably access to a decent oscilloscope. Maybe you could expand on the volume and speed of data you need to send?

Thanks for the inputs. I'm not familiar with the teletext though..How about power over ethernet? Is that a viable solution? Now, it will not just be data and video but power as well. Can two arduinos talk over ethernet? And then I have to convert both ends for the cctv to become an IP camera..hmm. Are there simpler ways to do this?

I already asked you if "single wire" meant a Cat5 (ethernet cable). You already rejected this option.

Well, maybe we are describing different things. I'm not actually sure what it is called but it is somewhat a hub where you can transmit data through your wall outlet. So basically it will only be two conductors.

Ok, I think I have to choose the powerline communication. I found this one: Does anyone know any product similar to this that can also handle video signal? It would be great if it can handle transmission over 600 meters without repeaters.

600 metres ( 656 yards / 7874 feet for the metrically-challenged) is a long way to send mains, let alone a video signal. There are devices to send HDMI over CAT5, but only upt to around 100 metres.

It would be great if it can handle transmission over 600 meters without repeaters.

Yes it would be great, there are a whole lot of real engineers who would like to do this as well.

As you persist in not telling us exactly what / why you are trying to do we can't be a whole lot of help. I think you might be being over ambitious or have unrealistic expectations of what is possible.

600 metres ( 656 yards / 7874 feet for the metrically-challenged)

656 yards is 1,968 feet (for the calculator-challenged).

If you're wanting to combine data and video signal on a single coax wire check out DiSEqC (Digital Satellite Equipment Control) system

I'm not sure if the data is bi-directional but its a good place to start

I think you might be being over ambitious or have unrealistic expectations of what is possible

I am told that there were books published that says human can't build a flying machine(something like that). The Wright brothers probably did not read those books.

you will see that "grindylow" has already rejected all currently known methods of doing what he is asking

Have I?

He does not appear to have a working understanding of the limits of current technology.

I admit that I do not know what are the limits right now of the current technology. Are my conditions so much for current state of technology? I think that in the future there will no longer be separate lines for telephone & cable TV, the mains will be utilized for data transmission as well. Thanks for just taking the time to read this. :)


656 yards is 1,968 feet (for the calculator-challenged


Never could get the hang of all that crazy duodecimal / trinary / base 22 / base 8 imperial stuff.


I'm working in the structured cabling field and it's possible to send data and video that in a single run of cable (go google CAT7a or CAT7a) but I don't think it can work up to 600meters.

Can u advise what data are you trying to send i.e what protocol ? Ethernet? I'm no video geez but I do know that you can send a video signal over twisted pair but up to a certain distance only.

Currently if you you seek is 600meters, your best option (IMHO) is to convert everything to IP and send it via a fiber optic link and covert it back to whatever signals you want. It should be possible since it's only the interface and converter that matters in this case. If you can provide more information on what you want to do, I can check with my co-workers if they have done something similar before.

p.s If you have the budget, you can customize cables for your requirements, many companies can make cables to your specification i.e power (DC), fiber, coaxial in one cable sheath but that is EXPENSIVE and usually carries a MOQ.


In search of the holy grail I found some interesting products. Most of these are just ICs like this one: I think other big electronic manufacturers have this, like MAXIM, et. al.
Some actually provide evaluation boards and/or development kits like this:
Some are programmable:
I think this one can combine video and data:
This one (Unikom-Ug :: Products :: PLC AMR) claims for a 2.5km(1.5 mi) transmission distance! I just don’t know if it has repeaters, and the site has not been updated since Jan 2009.

But I’m much more interested with this one: I think this could be integrated easily with Arduino, and with the IP version, an IP camera can fit in as well. :slight_smile:

From the digitalpowermeters site:

which provides moderate speed (not suitable for broadband powerline communication)

If all you want to do is read a electricity meter, high data rate is not an issue - if this device manages speed in the tens of kilobits per second (not suitable for video), I'd be very surprised.

The last link actually quotes a speed of ten kbps. Good luck with the video.

if you're really seeking the Holy Grail, I can recommend the Monty Python version.