combustion gas CO meter

Hello guys / girls,

I’m starting with the obvious here, i’m completely new here…
and when i’m saying new, i mean new…

so normally i would go and read myself into the forum… but i’m a bit short in time at the moment and there fore I would like a small question answered before i’ll go through all the reading.

as a newby (with some understanding of electronics) i’m in need for a exhaust gas CO-meter.
AND i’m interested in understanding the Arduino principle, so when I saw this during browsing

I thought to finally register here and drop this question.

all I would like to know (opinions) is on general how much time would one take to get the electronical (incl) software working on a project like this, are there specific tutorials (project specific). is this something someone would start with? and what about calibration?

as said, I need the tester and I’d like to make it but can’t afford to much time at the moment but can also just go out and buy one… (less fun, more money, wouldn’t understand the workings)

if I decide to start; I will ofcourse do the necessairy readings, but for now I am just curious about your opinions

Grtz Matthieu

This project would probably not be the best for a complete newbie. While wiring the circuit up is pretty straight forward, it also requires some programming knowledge. Spend a good solid weekend learning the basics and tweaking code. Start with 4-5 IDE examples (Blink, analogINserialOUT), then take this on. Calibration is very important. I have done several Gas sensor projects and without something to calibrate your homemade device against, your readings won't mean very much.