Comercial Voltage regulator

Can you guys help me.

I'm trying to find a voltage regulator, that give me a 2.6V output. I need suggestions of one I can find easily.

thanks for the help

Looks like about 2000 products.

You need to tighten your requirements a bit - is this for 50ma or 10A or ? (maybe spot welding?) What input do you intend to drive the regulator with? What kind of efficiency do you need? These will determine if you need a simple zener and resistor, a simple IC regulator or a switching regulator.

[u]"20 Questions"[/u] 1- Load Current ? 2- Regulation tolerance 3- Load ? (what is it powering) 4- What is the input voltage ? 5- Does it need to be an LDO ?


From the OPs other posts he may need it as an AtoD Vref.

Tom.... :)