Comm interface/cabling issue

I have this really big project( I hope to post it in a couple of weeks) that I am working on and I want to monitor it in real time. Ideally I would like to use xbee but my unit are old and might be toasted and I don't really have the time. The project will be a couple feet outside my big sliding glass door on the porch.

I don't know if it possible to run a usb cable through the seams of the door. I thought some sort of IR solution might be possible but that would cost time and money I don't have right now.

If I can get the cable through the door I can put a laptop next to it to receive the data.

Any ideas?


You may find that the glass in your door is not IR-transparent. Test it first with a TV remote control!

Rather than use a USB cable which is think and you have the problem of feeding the ends through. Why not separate the USB / serial part of the Arduino and feed the serial signals through the door with a couple of twisted wires.