command arduino trouth network with wifi ?

hello im searching a way to command an arduino duemilanove with an web interface (read analog port and send data to digital out) with wifi (or other wireless system) i want to build a wireless robot who can be controlled with any pcs with internet

my question is : with an arduino ethernet shield and a wifi router , is it possible to command the arduino trouth internet if the arduino is connected by ethernet and the router connected to the internet ?


Look into the linksys wrt54g, I know it has serial, and it runs custom firmware should be no prob to interface.

Found this thread it may help

If power supply isn't much of an issue this would probably be a cheaper route than ethernet the shield

I'm working on a routerbot that uses an arduino/ethernet shield and an unmodified netgear wireless router. The below can get you started controlling things using a brouser GUI.