Command line building and uploading

The java IDE completely breaks in my window manager (xmonad) so I’ve been trying to use the command line version (which looks to be nicer anyway) though it’s not working for me (on arch linux). I’ve followed the instructions in the make file, but upon typing make, i get: make: *** No rule to make target synth', needed by applet_files’. Stop.
(where i have a file synth.pde, and i’ve set my target to synth)
Not being versed in the mysterious ways of GNU Make, i have no idea what that means, i can find the applet_files section, but all looks to be kosher.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Which command line / Makefile version are you using?

If it's not this one:, you might try it.

I am using the build environment at

Can you post your applet_files line? Or the whole directory?

Here's the settings in the make file: TARGET = synth INSTALL_DIR = /usr/share/arduino/make PORT = /dev/ttyUSB0 UPLOAD_RATE = 19200 AVRDUDE_PROGRAMMER = stk500v1 MCU = atmega168 F_CPU = 16000000

The unzipped stuff from is located at /usr/share/arduino/make i have a file called synth.pde in the same dir as the Makefile

ksnieck@wallace:arduino-synth/synth$ ls /usr/share/arduino/make/ HardwareSerial.cpp WConstants.h WProgram.h pins_arduino.c wiring.h wiring_private.h wiring_shift.c HardwareSerial.h WInterrupts.c binary.h pins_arduino.h wiring_analog.c wiring_pulse.c Makefile WMath.cpp main.cxx wiring.c wiring_digital.c wiring_serial.c

Hope that helps

Oh and the applet files line heh:

# Default target.
all: applet_files build sizeafter

build: elf hex 

applet_files: $(TARGET).pde
      # Here is the "preprocessing".
      # It creates a .cpp file based with the same name as the .pde file.
      # On top of the new .cpp file comes the WProgram.h header.
      # At the end there is a generic main() function attached.
      # Then the .cpp file will be compiled. Errors during compile will
      # refer to this new, automatically generated, file. 
      # Not the original .pde file you actually edit...
      test -d applet || mkdir applet
      echo '#include "WProgram.h"' > applet/$(TARGET).cpp
      cat $(TARGET).pde >> applet/$(TARGET).cpp
      cat $(ARDUINO)/main.cxx >> applet/$(TARGET).cpp