Command-line programmer for Atmega328

For factory production, a command-line programmer will be more convenient than programming through a IDE. Can the more experienced people here point me to a suitable command-line programmer which I can use for uploading the binary and the fuse?

I intend to use the MKII programmer through the 6-pin header.

Thank you.

You can set-up any AVR-ISP programmer and AVRDUDE to copy & verify chips. I use a dedicated UNO plus an Adafruit ZIF shield, but the concept will work across hardware:

In my lab, I have a second script that is essentially the 2nd half of the one posted that just spools to blank chips, over and over. Both scrips are available at the link....
The paths in the scripts must be adjusted to match the OS... Or, just put the files in a named directory and make that the default directory - that way, no path is needed in the script proper.


You can buy bulk programmers where you connect up the wire and hit a button and it programs it.

I have a programmer that uploads from a .hex file:

Or here:

That uploads a 8K bootloader in about 3 seconds. Of course you could modify it to not upload a bootloader but whatever code you wanted.

that page outlines using the default Arduino IDE installation for compiling and uploading. I only tried compiling (so far) but it worked.