Command Servo Motor via Browser

Hello, i bought an Arduino Ethernet Shield because I want to command, via web browser, a servo motor. How can I do? Are there some example?


You were able to find the forum, but you were not able to find any information on how to use the Ethernet shield or the Ethernet library. Amazing.

Your response has been very helpful! Thanks... I used the search function of the forum, and I found some posts like mine, but there are no reply!

The Ethernet library comes with a bunch of examples, where the Arduino can be the server or the client. Have you got the Arduino to work as a client or as a server?

As a server. I want do define a web page (like this one: that permit me to control a servo motor.

Thanks of the reply.

Regardless of what you ultimately want to do, that is a good starting point. Get that to work with your hardware.

Then, it is trivial (nearly) to change the web form to include a text box, instead of a check box. With a text box, you can enter a servo angle. The Arduino would then be called with the servo angle, instead of an on/off setting.

Reading the web string used to invoke the servo is already done. Parsing it to get the servo angle instead of the LED on/off setting is easy. Moving the servo is the same with or without the Ethernet shield.

Some of what you may need is in the below discussion. It is somewhat similar to controlling my servo pan/tilt cam (bottom).