Commanding Arduino via USB Keyboard (For a Robotic Arm Project)

Hi all,

I'm currently working on a robotic arm. I'm able to just send commands to the servos and control them via a servo shield but am having trouble trying to get commands from a keyboard. I have a USB Host Shield from dfrobot. It would be very helpful if I could get some pointers on how to get commands from a USB Keyboard/mouse via host shield so that I can control the arm. Or some links to sites which helps me understand how to use a USB Host Shield. Thanks so much :)

I'm sure your post mentioned Oleg's site earlier. That's where the USB host library comes from, and I'm sure there are examples supplied with the library.

You could use Processing to detect the "keyPressed" on the keyboard and send via Serial data to Arduino. Look at the section 4.Communication in the Learning section! ;)

I tried his site but failed to make anything move :slight_smile: plus its just too complex to start from his site since I’m pretty new to arduino. Was hoping for osme links to study USB host shields and how to interface them with arduino. But thanks anyways, really appreciate spending your time to reply me.

Thnx a million tmmm , I’ll go for it right away and post the results asap…hope it works… :slight_smile: