Comments about a Starter kit

I have received a new starter kit as a gift. As a computer professional, I have a few comments you might want to add to the enclosed project book.

You might want to say something about the static bag the Arduino board came in, and how not to zap your board with static electricity, especially here in the northeast US where winter means low humidity. Maybe say something about touching something metal, even the metal enclosure of the on-board USB connector, before touching the board itself or breadboard wires going to the board

page 12 step 4 seems to show a self-tapping screw. My kit came with 3 small machine screws and nuts

page 12 step 3 - 'feet' are not marked with an 'A'

page 16 - with a current windows 10 I saw no installation messages, but all was OK. Step 4 should mention
Windows icon on lower left of screen - Windows System - control panel (view by large icons) - device manager
Look in device manager under ports (com & lpt) and if one says USB serial device and a COM# you are ready for the IDE

In the IDE, Tools - Port and see COM# (Arduino Uno)

page 19 step 7
mention there are two delay statements, one for LED time on and one for LED time off, and both should be the same, else the blinking will look erratic

page 64
the pot in my kit have the two outer legs of pot (red and black wires) on one side and the wiper arm (white wire) on the other side. Also, the knob for the pot is a separate white piece of plastic that is separate from the pot. You don't want people shoving something in to the pot center to turn it

Just some suggestions

Thanks for that, but these are instructions about the Arduino itself rather than how to use this forum. These comments would be very useful if directed towards the makers of the starter kit itself.
Thanks again for your interest and detailed comments.


This would be the best way to get those comments noted