Commercial Coffee Machine

We have an Acorto 2000s, and the need has arisen to install a coin system on it, as it never came with one I have to find the solution. Newer models came with such a system but the machine is $16000. So In my search I came across Arduino, and the seeming endless things that can be done with this. So now my mind is grasping an endless list of possibilities. But I need to get started. The Idea is for a drink to be dispensed only when the proper coinage is installed. So I believe the Arduino will have to communicate with the machine and the Coin system. The machine has a serial, and a Ethernet connection. The keypad is also ethernet. I do not have a coin valitator yet. I also dont know what programming language is in the Acorto Main Board. Im thinking the Keypad control Arduino and arduino controls the outputs to the Coffee machine only after it sees the correct coins installed. Which arduino and other parts will I need to get started.

Thanks Matt

An ethernet keypad? Are you certain?

I remember someone made a soft drink machine using RFID cards, maybe you can look over what they did and see where to go:

AWOL: An ethernet keypad? Are you certain?

LoL no as I have only had that part of the machine open once, but I think its an RJ11 for the Keypad and Diagnostics ports.