Commercial LED Display with 32 rows and 32 coloumns Programming

Hello… I am having a commercial led display.It is 32x32 (rows x columns) meaning total led inside it is 1024.It is having 2 lines.So technically each line is 16x32.

Led displayis connected to RS485 and in turn RS485 is connected to arduino via rx and tx pins.

How can i program this led.Is their any sample code for it??? Which libraries do i require.IS it possible to address each individual led or you have to address it how?Can anyone guide me through it?Thanks…

You are going to have problems unless you find a datasheet for that display. Here is an example of something similar which comes with a considerable amount of documentation / code samples etc.

Failing finding supporting information like that, your best hope is may be to reverse engineer it, from the leds back to the led driver chips, then build your own control logic.