Commercial usage information required.

Dear Arduino Team,

I would like to know the commercial usage details and licence information (if any), Please suggest /Advice.
1.I would like to know if i can use the At-mega chips programmed from Arduino can be setup into my PCB, if yes do i have to obtain any licence from arduino community?
2.I want to use my own custom components (like sensors or Motors ) in my self designed PCB and use the chips programmed from Arduino as the processor for it with the help of the external sources like the oscillator and power supply( which is not intended to do any replica of arduino boards) for functioning say like want to sell a product which turns on the light of room based on some PIR or IR sensors. i would use only the functionality of the At mega chips as specified by its data sheet and use the boot-loader and lib's and the program from the Arduino to make my product and sell it in my own registered name.
Please advice/Suggest as it would be a lot helpful. Thank you :slight_smile:

Using the Arduino core and libraries for the firmware of a commercial product does not require you to release the source code for the firmware. The LGPL does, however, require you to make available object files that allow for the relinking of the firmware against updated versions of the Arduino core and libraries. Any modifications to the core and libraries must be released under the LGPL.

Thanks a lot for the Info... i almost understood that except for this point above... can you please let me know where should the Modifications or the object files should be released? Thanks a lot again.