Common Cathode and Common Anode

Hey all, I have a problem.

I have a common anode RGB LED, and a common cathode RGB pushbutton.

I was hoping to control the colors with the same output from the Arduino without having to use up more ports. However, since they are obviously different as far as common positive or negative, using the same inputs directly gives wildly different colors. Is there a way to wire these together so that I get the same colors from the same signals using diodes or other method?

You need to explain what a "common cathode RGB pushbutton" is.

Web link to the component, please. :grinning:

Sorry about that, it's basically an RGB LED that also acts as a pushbutton. it lights up haha.

Presumably if you use three inverter gates from a 74HC14 chip, it can invert the signal and the PWM up to about 15 mA per gate.