common cathode led strip TLC5940 and aruduino

Hi all, Could someone help me? I need a clear schematics how to do that configuration work with multiplex. THe software part is almost easy, but i can't figure how connect without burn tlc5940. There would be some pull-up resistors but i don't know well if someone coul post any image I use strip of 3 common cathode rgb led. I would like to use 10 of them in my project.

Thank all

I use strip of 3 common cathode rgb led.

You need to tell what voltage these strips need, what current they take and do they have an internal current limiting resistor. Without this it is impossible to tell you how to proceed.

The fact that they are common cathode does make things difficult.

Do you want to multiplex them?

I did something similar last year, if i'm understanding you correctly.

This is what I did with my common cathode LED's. I would just remove the additional LED's from my example.